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Focused programs

#1 Healthcare for Tomorrow

The healthcare industry continues to be rapidly changing with the introduction of new techniques, technologies and tools at our disposal. Industry professionals must transform and respond to positively and sustainably lead the change in the execution of their services while working towards the betterment of the organization as a whole.

Trained by Experts

#2 Internationally Acclaimed Professionals

Taking a HealthCore Academy program enables participants to get trained under leading international experts who play a vital role in setting the global standards of care. This unique opportunity gives participants a look into the best practices and techniques from a global perspective.

Career Advancement

#3 Grow personally and together

Earning professional units allows participants to grow their general and technical information in an ever changing industry. Through our programs, participants learn both theory and practical practices to apply and implement into their daily activities for the betterment of their institution.

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#4 Smart investment into future

Investing in attending a HealthCore Academy program ensures participants the theoretical and practical knowledge they need as they adapt to the ever changing industry. It provides an opportunity to respond instead of react, and allows for the preparation and working towards new initiatives that enable the organization’s competitiveness.

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Frequently asked questions

How do we register?

Enrolling in our programs is easy. At HealthCore Academy, we serve several categories of participants. Select the learning category that you identify with to get started.

How do you process my information?

Your data will be kept private and secure on our database. No illegal use without prior notice.

How do I contact support?

You may contact us through phone call at +632 3224 2132 or email us at info@health-core.org to get help. 

How can I subscribe and be included in your newsletters?

Send us an email at info@health-core.org with the subject: “HealthCore Academy Mailing List”.