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Developing Effective Nurse Leadership


Date: 22-24 February 2023
Time: 10:00AM to 2:00PM
(Philippine Time) via Zoom


One of the most significant investments a healthcare organization can make in the delivery of quality patient care is the development of current and future nurse leaders. Preparing nurses and nurse leaders for success during healthcare reform is a vital component of this investment and reorganization.

In order to successfully transform the way your leadership team influences quality outcomes at the bedside, you have to align the leadership competencies you use to select, develop, and promote talent with your organization’s strategic priorities. Additionally, developing a pool of talent for today and into the future requires a strong commitment from the nursing department, human resources, finance, and the executive team.

Focused attention on experienced nurses and emerging leaders will ensure an organization’s future nursing leadership pipeline. It is essential to identify and utilize key competencies within a nursing leadership structure. This comprehensive use of nurse leader competencies provides a solid framework to strengthen the overall nursing department and ultimately ensure a solid succession plan for the future.


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