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Patient Safety Course:Focus on Universal Healthcare and Pandemic Management



Patient safety officers work in healthcare facilities to ensure that patients receive quality healthcare. They help shape the way that healthcare services are provided so that mistakes can be avoided. One of their primary tasks involves ensuring their staff team prioritizes patient safety. They can implement ways for staff to report concerns or incidents. They may also address the staff involved with the issue and collaborate with other professionals to assess staff performance.

In order to ensure that patients receive quality treatment without unnecessary complications, patient safety officers help create policies and procedures that healthcare staff are trained to follow. They continue to evaluate their policies and determine if there are new practices that they can implement that will produce better results. They assess their facility’s patient care record and use that data to determine if there are specific areas where mistakes are common or if other factors, such as fatigue, contributed to mistakes. Once they’ve identified factors contributing to errors they work to produce strategies to address those issues, create policies and ensure training programs are developed and implemented.

Endorsed by the Department of Health, this online training is highly recommended for Patient Safety Officers, Managers and Staff who are involved in Quality Management Programs and Patient Safety Unit in their hospitals as per DOH AO No. 2020-0007.


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